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Programmes for Increasing Wellbeing and Wholeness at Work
Flourish Wellbeing Programme (FWP)

This is a programme designed to help you and the people in your organisation optimise physical, emotional and mental wellbeing while unleashing everyone’s creative potential.

Imagine feeling connected to your own life purpose and to the purpose of your organisation and discovering where they interconnect. Wouldn’t this feel energising to you?

If you were encouraged in doing what matters and has meaning, wouldn’t you feel liberated to share your ideas and dreams with colleagues and discover what more is possible to unleash the real potential of your organisation?

Such an approach will dramatically improve quality of life, liberate creativity and innovation as well as create work life harmony.

We offer a series of 8 workshops (2 hrs each), which are designed to work together but can also stand-alone.

The sessions are deliberately short, to the point, highly interactive and packed with tools, tips and strategies you can use in your daily lives, both at work and at home.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle to promote wellbeing and brain health. This will include developing personalised programmes to support physical and emotional health. It will also include the opportunity to help your organisation create spaces for everyone to have meals that is both inspiring and health giving.
  • Mindfulness training to become aware of habits that no longer serve individual wellbeing. Mindfulness practice also helps to reduce stress, calm the body and reduces symptoms of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Sleep awareness

Discover why sleep is so important for your cognitive function, mental fitness and general health and wellbeing. During this workshop you’ll be able to identify habits and behaviours, which may be affecting your sleep, pattern and explore some proven solutions to help you relax and sleep peacefully.

  • Creating healthy habits for everyday life and work by keeping a journal to monitor progress and share useful practices.
  • Work-Life harmony and wholeness in life and work. As many of us stretch ourselves further to accommodate the never-ending demands of life and work, we dangle close to tiredness, exhaustion and burnout. As we spin plates to keep everyone happy and try to fit everything into the day we benefit from moving from work-life balance to work-life integration. Showing up as a whole human being in life and work while discerning what matters most and has the highest impact is becoming an essential important when navigating skilfully and competently between roles.

This workshop will help you to identify key priorities and develop clear strategies for a rounded and fulfilling life in everything that you do.

  • Simple exercises suitable for the workplace.

Exercise reduces stress and stimulates BDNF (Brain-derived neurotropic factor) and thus growth of new neurons in the brain.

  • Discovering meaning and purpose by using the Map of Meaning, a holistic and evidence based method to discover meaning and purpose in life and work individually and collectively.
  • Transparent communication as a way of learning to see yourself and others more clearly and to support individual and team wellbeing.
Brainhealth programme

Our 6-session programme is designed to optimise brain health and cognitive function using a multi-modal nutrition and lifestyle approach.

The sessions cover topics that have all been shown in research as being important for brain health, including:

  • Nutrition for brain health
  • Optimising gut health
  • Stress reduction
  • Getting a good night’s sleep
  • Exercise
  • Brain training
  • Environmental factors

The brain gathers and processes information from all our senses, and determines how we behave, what we say, and controls our complex thought processes. The brain consumes an incredible amount of energy in comparison with the rest of the body – around 25% of total energy expenditure. It therefore makes sense that the transfer of energy from the foods we eat to the neurons within the brain has a big impact, not only on its function, but also on how we behave and feel.

It is based on the programme developed by Cytoplan for Nutritional Therapists.

Sleep awareness programme

2 sessions

In an increasingly hyper-connected world, many companies now expect their staff to be on call and to answer emails constantly. This is an important organizational topic that requires specific and urgent attention to prevent burnout.

Some people skilfully and consciously manage their sleep, emerging refreshed and alert after crossing multiple time zones or working late into the night. Yet we all know how caffeinated executives and staff, struggle to remain engaged and feel uninspired, lack patience with others, and can’t think through problems or make clear decisions.

Although sleep (mis)management, at one level, is an individual issue, it is also part of a larger energy-management challenge that includes other forms of mental relaxation, such as mindfulness and meditation, as well as nutrition and physical activity.

Wellness Sessions

Single 3hrs session

Single sessions can be customized to the current needs of your organisation.

We can help you identify which aspects of our Flourish Wellbeing Programme could be of most benefit to your organisation.

Map of Meaning workshop

1 full day or 2 half days

Using the map with individuals and groups inspires rich conversations about the possibility of experiencing wholeness at work or, for example, how discovering and connecting to the organization’s purpose, or discovering one’s own.

Participants can also use the map to develop meaningful strategies or work with particular challenges in a holistic way.

We look forward to developing a wellness-enhancing relationship of co-inspiration with you.