Evolutionary Mentoring

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What it is

Whether we know it or not, we’ve been on an evolutionary learning journey from the day of our birth, as individuals and as the human species. Being conscious of it allows us to have a smoother, more valuable and even enjoyable journey.

Evolutionary mentoring puts in your flight a tailwind from the most powerful force on Earth, evolution itself. It is a dialogical process in which the mentor helps you strengthen your leadership talents, boost your “change facilitation” impact, deepen your wisdom and, if you want, heighten your spiritual competencies.

An evolutionary mentor is a learning partner, who is fully committed to help you remove any obstacle between you and your next-stage version. To the mentor your developmental journey is just as important as his/her own because they are intertwined in the sense that any good mentoring is cross-mentoring.

How we work together

The unstructured version of this service unfolds by being in the “flow” together, attending to your developmental objectives, and whatever can hinder or support them. This process is recommended for those, who feel comfortable with taking roads less travelled, and are curious of the power of facilitated, chaordic serendipity. The term “chaordic” refers to blending the characteristics of chaos and order. (It was coined by Dee Hock, the founder and former CEO of the VISA credit card association.)

The structured version of this service is comprised of:

  • 6 or 12 face-to-face sessions in a half year period, via Zoom video-conferencing or in-person if and when we happen to be in the same town or airport.
  • Between the sessions: “homework” closely tied to your select, real-life opportunities and challenges.
  • The use of a private channel, where the mentor addresses (in two working days) one of your emergent questions that emerge between sessions.

This version of the service is recommended for those, who feel they need support for a more disciplined way of their development.

In both formats you will benefit from:

  • Learning from the mentor’s feedback to any practice you choose to take up or strengthen between the sessions.
  • Working with your Question-in-Focus that, if you discovered the answer to, could add the biggest momentum to your development.
  • Bringing into play, as-needed, any approach or tool from our continually expanding repertory.
  • Optionally, getting an introduction to key tenets of evolutionary spirituality relevant to your life conditions, as taught by contemporary spiritual teacher, Thomas Hübl.

For more information and, eventually, setting up time for a generative conversation, contact George Pór at george@community-intelligence.com .