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The Value Matrix of Communities of Practice:
a tool for prioritising your expected benefits from CoP


Improve Organisational Performance Develop Organisational Capabilities
Benefits to


A.1 Arena for problem solving B.1 Ability to execute a strategic plan
A.2 Quick answers to questions B.2 More effective knowledge management
A.3 Unfettered flow of information and inspiration in and across communities of practice B.3 Increased retention of talent
A.4 Improved quality of decisions B.4 Forum for “benchmarking” against leading practice
A.5 Better coordination across teams B.5 Breaking silos, departmental barriers
A.6 Decreasing the learning curve of new recruits B.6 Responding more rapidly to new policy requirements
A.7 Reducing need for rework B.7 Preventing waste due to “reinventing the wheel”
A.8 Highly increased employee engagement B.8 Emergence of unplanned capabilities
A.9 People aligned with initiatives for implementing strategies B.9 Capacity to develop new strategic options
A.10 Strengthened quality assurance B.10 Ability to foresee technological developments that affect work
A.11 Better matching resources to tasks B.11 Provide foundational know-how for building a Centre of Expertise in Communities of Practice
A.12 Experimenting with low-risk introduction of next-stage processes and structures B.12 Bringing the “organisation of the future” into the present
A.13 Faster spread of practice worth replicating B.13 Better structure for stewarding core organisational competences
A.14 Identifying emergent, high-potential leaders B.14 Evidence-based succession planning
Improve Experience of Work Foster Professional Development
Benefits to

Community Members

C.1 Help with individual and teamwork challenges D.1 Forum for expanding professional talents and expertise
  C.2 More curiosity for different perspectives D.2 Inspiration to willingness to learn
C.3 Wider range of professional contacts and access to expertise D.3 Enhance collaboration skills
C.4 Greater willingness to be challenged D.4 Welcoming creative friction
C.5 Better able to contribute to team D.5 Enhanced professional reputation
C.6 Increasing confidence in one’s approach to problems D.6 Network for keeping abreast of a field
C.7 Becoming more creative by participating in cross-pollination of new ideas D.7 Becoming more valuable to the organisation by co-developing new, better process tools
C.8 Fun of being with colleagues D.8 Increased marketability and employability
C.9 More meaningful participation D.9 Strong sense of professional identity
C.10 Sense of belonging D.10 Enhanced reputation with colleagues
C.11 Reward by taking part in innovative, jointly-decided projects D.11 Increased legitimacy in front of one’s manager and clients


What are the top 5 benefits derived from communities of practice, of which you want to see more in your organisation?

What are the top 5 benefits derived from communities of practice, which you want to see the members of your organisation have a chance to enjoy more?

If you want to help with realizing some of them, please let us know, by including their label in your message.