Collective Intelligence

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Our services to support the boosting of the collective intelligence of your group/organisation include:

Wisdom Council

The Wisdom Council is a novel and structured way of accessing the collective wisdom of a group. It is a form of “We-Space” practice that opens to new and higher possibilities, by letting you see a wider segment of reality than what you saw before.

It is particularly well suited to discovering the right course of action to meet wicked problems or a path forward from entangled situations. This service includes the training of the participants necessary to generate the coherence of their field, from which the Council’s wisdom can arise.

Collective Intelligence Enhancement Lab (CIEL)

CIEL is an integrated design for a social learning environment, supported by a “collective intelligence” audit, tools, methods, and training, optimised to meet the unique CI needs of your organisation.

It provides affordances for practicing, for example:

•         collective sensing and meaning-making
•         collective intuition and memory
•         integrating outputs from real-time and asynchronous conversations

To provide maximum benefits to its user organisations, CIEL draws on the strengths and is supported by our Transformative Innovation Architecture.

Generative Action Research On-Demand (GAROD)

Generative Action Research is a change-management and innovation-boosting framework of collaborative inquiry. It is designed to discover effective ways to meet a strategic challenge or opportunity in collapsed time, by mobilizing the collective intelligence of the enterprise or multi-stakeholder, cross-organisational initiatives.

It is cyclic, emergent, and participatory, proceeding through widening circles of involvement. You need this methodology of collaborative inquiry, for example, when you want to introduce an important organisational innovation, ditching the top-down effort, and wanting to involve the people instead of rolling it out to them.

The Generative Action Research On-Demand service is provided by an action research team carefully composed by Community Intelligence to meet your organisation’s need, while advancing the state of the art in Organisational Development.

If you want to receive more information about any of our Collective Intelligence services, tell us about what you need help with and request a free, consultative conversation.