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Collective Intelligence Links


Title Web.pdf Author Published In Year Published Annotation
Creating a Meshwork of Communities of Practice for Unleashing the Emancipatory Potential of AI-enhanced Collective Intelligence George Pór Blog of Collective Intelligence 2018 How can the astounding powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) be put in service of galvanizing the even more awesome powers of the Collective Intelligence (CI) of our communities and organizations, for the sake of the greater good?

Collective Intelligence as Humanity’s Biggest Challenge
Geoff Mulgan 2017 Can collective intelligence change our world? How drawing on both the brain power of other people and machines could help us thrive.
On the Verge of Collective Awakening George Pór Spanda Journal Vol. VII,1 – Collective Enlightenment 2017 A report reflecting the current state of George’s decades-old quest for higher meaning and collective awakening, searching for a “pattern that connects awakening to our highest potential in individual, organization, and social life”.
George Pór 2015 This post highlights some of the many ecosystem mapping projects and initiatives that are shedding light on the emerging frontiers of organizational and technological development, as well as instigating connections and collaborations between entities on the maps.
Augmenting the Collective Intelligenceof the Ecosystem of Systems Communities: Introduction to the Design of the CI Enhancement Lab (CIEL) George Pór Systems Research and Behavioral Science (Journal) 2014 Suggests the prototyping of a Collective Intelligence Enhancement Lab and describes its core idea as a platform.
From Right Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience: Signposts to the Later Stages of our Evolutionary Journey George Pór Spanda Journal Vol. V,2 – Collective Intelligence 2014 This essay is a wide-ranging exploration into the conditions for realizing the next-level potential of human and social evolution. It touches on core themes such as: collective intelligence, collective sentience, evolutionary guidance systems, integral and shared mindfulness.
Letting Collective Intelligence Use Me for Organizing Itself George Pór Blog of Collective Intelligence 2014 A blog post with a rich comment stream that explores how we can let Collective Intelligence organize itself through us acting as “organic sensors” that catalyze our networked noosphere.
Framework for Awakening Collective Intelligence in the Ecosystem of Commons Initiatives George Pór International Association for the Study of Commons, Hyderabad 2011 Looks at collective intelligence through four lenses and cultivating the innovative ecosystem of the commons.
CI, AI, UI or just I? George Pór 2010 Three forms of broad-scale intelligence (collective, artificial, universal) are described and discussed in terms of their impact on humanity’s evolutionary path.
On Hypertrails Between Vistas, Which we Create by Walking on Them George Pór Blog of Collective Intelligence 2010 This post explores a process in which an expert panel is asked generative questions while being augmented by a knowledge gardening tool referred to as the élan map.
Collective Intelligence and Collective Leadership: Twin Paths to Beyond Chaos George Pór PrimaVera Working Paper Series, University of Amsterdam 2008 Collective Intelligence and Collective Leadership is proposed as a means to navigating us through our ensuing chaos, and analyzed through four lenses: cognitive, evolutionary, socio-economic, technological.
Cultivating Collective Intelligence: a Core Leadership Competence in a Complex World George Pór COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace (Chapter in Book) 2008 This paper distinguishes Collective Intelligence vs Collective Wisdom, and shows how we need to cultivate both as leaders in an increasingly complex world.
Collective Intelligence as a Field of Multi-disciplinary Study and Practice George Pór CommunityIntelligence Ltd. 2007 This paper attempts to outline, and broadly define, Collective Intelligence as an emerging field of study and practice.
Discovering Universal, Infinite, and Measurable Semantic Space George Pór An Interview with Professor Pierre Lévy (By George Pór) 2007 George interviews Pierre Lévy about his Information Economy Meta Language (IEML), a project working on the computability of semantics, a potentially paradigm-shifting step along the evolutionary path of Collective Intelligence.
The Challenge of Co-Intelligent Economy George Pór 2004 Considers a co-intelligent economy designed such that “self-organizing market dynamics automatically generate outcomes that serve the quality of life of all who live within that economic system”
The Collective Intelligence of the Imaginal Cells George Pór Blog of Collective Intelligence 2004 The story of how the caterpillar’s imaginal cells transform it into a butterfly is told as a metaphor for how we might evolve to higher levels of Collective Intelligence.
The Knowledge Ecology George Pór BizEd (Magazine) 2001 How the emerging theory and practices of knowledge ecology are making 20th-century ideas of management and business obsolete
Designing for the Emergence of a Global-scale Collective Intelligence George Pór Global Brain Workshop, Brussels 2001 Designing indicators for an evolutionary threshold, beyond which the presence of global-scale intelligence can be detected.
Nurturing Systemic Wisdom Through Knowledge Ecology George Pór The Systems Thinker, Pegasus Communications 2000 Outlines the emerging field of knowledge ecology, and describes how an organization can integrate its practices and realize the value it generates.
Questing for Collective Intelligence George Pór Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business (Chapter in Book) 1995 Describes how communities can raise their collective Intelligence by developing a nervous system, augmented by technology, that includes 4 capabilities: communication, coordination, memory/knowledge management, and learning.
Future Communications: Hommage to Teilhard de Chardin George Pór The Future of Communications, published by NEC Corporation 1989 Envisioning a “C5” culture with communities driven by Consciousness, Competence, Compassion, and supported by Computers and Communications.