Rainer von Leoprechting

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Rainer von Leoprechting

Rainer von Leoprechting

I create, invent and share practices that make the practitioners develop towards their next stage in their work and capacity to understand and act.

Born 1965 in Western Germany, I grew up in the static and frozen times of the Cold War. In my youth I looked out for where there was renewal and movement. I studied Economics and Management in the innovative Witten/Herdecke University alongside Otto Scharmer and many other creative minds. I wanted to serve a larger evolutionary goal beyond financial profit and applied for a career with the European Civil service. I worked for 18 years with the European Commission in Brussels.

Through many administration roles I felt again and again how the bureaucratic methods and structures were in plain contradiction with the EU’s purpose to bring the people of Europe together and to build lasting peace. As a response I introduced working practices that enhanced mutual trust, learning, understanding and selfless leadership. I started the Commission’s in-house process consultancy. I built the service from scratch, and established organizational development as a practice. Among many projects I advised the strategic re-orientation of the Statistical Office of the European Union, lead various interventions at all leadership levels and coached the Director General. Similarly, my small team and I supported the Publications Office of the European Union to restructure their work processes. I developed a strategy-making format suited for the multi-stakeholder reality within public sector and lead numerous strategy retreats with teams from all areas of the EU policies and activities.

I left Brussels in 2012 and moved to Southeast Austria, where I co-founded an intentional community. We share a place to live and work together on the countryside. From this healthy centre I shape an international learning network supporting the leadership and organizational shift in paradigm towards living systems, wholeness and purposeful work.

I hold several roles.

As a learning facilitator and teacher I share developmental practices in Systemic constellation work, Art of Hosting integral, developmental listening, or Action Learning, mainly with change agents.

As a learning community builder, I adapted the world café setting for the development of multiple initiatives and projects: the pro action café.

As consultant, I design and lead group and organizational interventions and processes, learning programmes and strategic change processes. In my projects I combine new strategic orientations for organizations with direct implementation into innovative prototypes and the development of the potentials of the staff members concerned. My approach for designing organizational cultures enables people to be in their vocation at work. It supports leaders to focus on work successes, and people move systematically to jobs where they deploy highest productivity.

As inventor and social architect I develop original methods and processes, which I practice and share in interactive learning. I invented the StoryMatcher application that matches work assignments with people. Both sides find each other through the success they most desire to work for.