Katrin Faensen

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Katrin Faensen

Katrin Faensen

A warm welcome, fellow travellers of the evolutionary path. Here’s kaa – let me introduce you to my work.

Part of my being here seems to be walking with grace and a good mood in that uncomfortable space in between where the “OLD” doesn’t work anymore and the “NEW” hasn’t arrived clearly yet. I grew up in West-Berlin in the 70s and 80s and since I was very young it was perfectly clear to me that we have collective work to do on the planet. So I learned and worked and learned and worked in order to be able to understand and contribute better. Looking for the biggest leverage I started with the individual, then the teams, then the organisations and communities and back to the individual when it comes to leadership. The perspectives and tools I hold derive from:

  • Being a Digital Native. I am at home in the digital realm.
  • Being a sensor for group dynamics through studying and practicing social work and therapy.
  • Leading small enterprises as a CEO in the social work context. I dealt with Business Administration and HR topics as well as the whole cosmos of Organizational Development and Change.
  • Diving deeper into integral and integrative theories engaging in topics of power, inclusion and diversity, spirituality and shadow work.
  • Participatory approaches and techniques: large group facilitation (also online) and designing generative processes
  • Visual Facilitation (see more below).

My clients range from Individuals to large corporates as well as NGO’s, municipalities and other communities.

Being a social therapist my antennas for “what is going on” in the social systems are elaborate and my innate and insatiable curiosity drives me to really find out what the hell is going on. I dive into the crunchiness of (y)our questions and layer by layer by layer, I contribute to sorting them, turning them upside down and finally collectively understanding and seeing what has to be done now.

Seeing what has to be done. Yes – a few years ago I was introduced to visual work and facilitation and as for now I probably think it is the most powerful tool for creating collective awareness and we – consciousness. A good visual is a mirror of the group process, it is the harvest of the co-creative work and the seed for collective awareness. It double loops into our shared knowledge what we didn’t know and see as a group before. It enables us to become collectively intelligent in the first place and take the elegant and now obvious next steps from there.

So here at CommunityIntelligence my roles bring forth to help us make the invisible visible: Next steps into a commonly desired future, the writings on the wall… always connected to what really is going on and always with the purpose to activate people to contribute to the larger community.

Situated in Berlin, three kids, amazing circle of friends. If you can’t find me, I’m at the campfire in the forest.

Looking forward to connecting with you and finding out how our process can fuel yours.