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Jane Pightling

Hello I’m Jane Pightling. I am based in the UK and have spent much of my career working in public services, the civil service, youth service, probation service, social services and the NHS. My career has been about supporting people to adjust to life’s changes and challenges, to step up and take control, discover their own meaning and align their talents and values to do their best work. People describe me as a weaver. I have an ability to tap into the deep potential and generativity of connections and realise results by building relationships across boundaries and differences.

Working with people striving to do their best in difficult and demanding circumstances I realised that solutions always worked best when they were co-created by the people who needed to implement them. It realises benefits for patients, relatives and services users, staff, managers and system leaders. I discovered that intentionally creating spaces where people can share their knowledge and experiences, build relationships and create and test new practices delivered powerful, relevant and sustainable results.

In 2013 whilst working for the NHS Leadership Academy I was fortunate to commission George Pór and Anna Betz to support the local health and care system by developing a network of Communities of Practice to facilitate innovation and improvement. As part of the Community of Practice of people facilitating this network, I honed my skills and consolidated my enthusiasm. I went on to share our learning with the emerging Health Innovation Network Communities of Practice in London and was commissioned to establish Communities of Practice for the NHS Library and Knowledge services.

I have extensive experience in leading transformation and change programmes and in coaching leaders tackling this challenge. Most recently this has been focused around supporting health and social care systems to move towards new ways of working, organising and delivering. Using Communities of Practice to engage people with the work, harness their talents and enthusiasm and align their values and purpose has become one of my core practices in approaching this work. My clients include NHS commissioner organisations, NHS Trusts and Integrated Care Organisations, Consultancy Firms, private home care providers, Social Enterprises and Community Interest Companies. I am an active member of various Communities of Practice that support my own learning and development, including the Reimagining Health & Care community hosted by the Health Foundation.

In Community Intelligence, I’m part of the design and delivery team that is helping our clients develop their “Communities of Practice” strategy, community facilitation capabilities, and generating community-enabled organisational and business results.

You can reach me at jane@community-intelligence.com.