Testimonials for George Pór

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“We benefitted greatly from George’s large know-how on creating and nurturing communities of practices. He helped us in the conception and development of the strategic planning Community of practice at the European Commission with competence, wisdom, and a smile. We learned a lot from him, including his unique way of being fully present in all circumstances, and we continue tapping on this knowledge in spreading a more participatory culture in the organization.” — Paolo Giusta, Senior Policy Analyst, EU Commission

“George brings humility, wisdom, and mountains of knowledge and experience, which he generously shares. As a coach and mentor, he challenges and provokes depth of thought and pursuit of the most important questions. He is a man of great energy and fun, a joy to work with. His commitment to the NHS Co-creation Network project has been absolute and he has generously given his time, care and energy in a way beyond anything that could be written into a contract. George is the perfect guide for inspirational journeys that achieve tangible destinations of great benefit.” Jane Pightling, Leadership & OD Consultant, Innovation & Clinical Leadership, Yorkshire & Humber Leadership Academy of the National Health Services

“My colleagues and I have recently had the enormous privilege of being supported, mentored, and coached by George to develop communities of practice for healthcare. George has a unique way of challenging, teaching and inspiring those around him in order to help others see and seek their highest potential as individuals and professionals. I particularly valued his ability to model and teach co-creation and co-evolution, which are vital for our future systems to flourish. I look forward to any future potential opportunities to work with George and in the meantime honoured to be his friend.” — Angela Green, Improvement Programme Manager, National Health Services, Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy

“George Pór is an extraordinary human being of depth and wisdom with a keen interest in the expansion and healing of human consciousness. He is a pioneer in the area of “collective intelligence” and in using technology to form social connections in order to create a better future for humanity and sentience. George is an innovative leader, mentor, and collaborator in many other areas as well, including group process and facilitation, coaching, systems, and business. His decades of practical experience engaging and evolving various transformative theories in various settings, while developing individual and collective interior awareness through meditation and state practices, along with his genuine interest and skill in the workings of human nature and society, and his desire to serve collective consciousness on the planet, are seasoned with maturity that evoke respect and attention. George is a dear soul and a gifted human being. I am grateful to know him and to be both the recipient of his gifts and deeply inspired by his generosity in service to life.” Venita Ramirez, Owner, Pacific Integral – Transformative Leadership and Conscious Evolution

“George has been among the most influential consultants to the European Union, which the future will show. In a very short time, he helped to introduce the practices of Art of Hosting (known there now as Art of Participatory Leadership) and Communities of Practice. Both applied well will help us see a European Union as citizens and future generations need it today. If you need to get a step ahead of your time, George is your man.”Rainer v. Leoprechting, Official, European Commission

“George Pór is one of the quintessential life-long learners and deep thinkers that I have ever met and worked with. I will always remember him saying: ‘In conscious dialogue around questions that matter, a collection of individual intelligences is at risk (grin) at becoming a collective intelligence’.” David M. Isaacs, Co-Founder of The World Cafe

“I have appreciated George as a consultant for community development in the Commission. He helped us recognize not only our needs and opportunities but to help empower core group members and team leaders to create a collective way of working in a political environment respecting the given priorities.” Ursula Hillbrand, Strategic Planning and Programming officer and participative facilitator and host at European Commission

“No one can better claim the collaborative territory than George. He is the original – a master at the ‘game’ and relentless in his ability to inspire others to ‘play’. With genius and humility, this global citizen has lived the values of strengthening the talent of one another. I have considered myself his student for 2 decades…and can hardly wait to see what’s coming next.” Debra Amidon, Founder and CEO at ENTOVATION International Ltd.

“George is a visionary in understanding the social dynamics of groups, business teams, and online collaboration. Not only is he astute in the subtleties of personal relationships, but he knows the importance of business value creation and he sees the big picture of why we’re doing all this.” Paul King, Product Analytics Manager, Facebook

“George is one of the few people I have met who is able to combine passion and insight with total energy and understanding for the cause. Without meeting George my understanding of collaboration, community and knowledge flow would not have developed.” John Caswell, Founder & CEO, Group Partners – Reimagine Business Strategy

“George is a masterful systems thinker and also brings profound wisdom about human connection to his work. His deep knowledge of virtual collaboration was very beneficial to me and my clients.” — Vivian Wright, Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard