Anna Betz

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Anna Betz

Anna Betz

Some of the most inspiring moments in my life happen when I can watch people and organizations discover their true potential, their gift to each other and to the world. I enjoy those moments so much that I put facilitating them in the heart of my professional work.

To awaken our highest potential, as individuals, teams, and communities, I enjoy creating environments optimised for that. As evolutionary learning partner, with my teammates, I support and facilitate the processes for creating them.

When I work with our clients, my initial focus is enabling effective communication, by modelling the practices of generative listening and generative dialoguing, which make us deeply seen and heard.

I also offer coaching and training in individual and group settings for developing competences in those vital arts.

I apply my skills and experience to cultivate those individual and organizational competences, and to help systems get unstuck and unleash its life-giving forces.

I draw on the various cultural and wisdom traditions that have enriched my life and inspire me to ‘pay it forward,’ as well as, on the principles and practices of various approaches to build organizations of the future. Fore example:

I helped establishing a co-creation network of Communities of Practice, commissioned by the Leadership Academy of the NHS (National health Services, UK).

I’m a certified Mindfulness coach and I’m using my training for enhancing worklife quality and workplace cultures, and supporting our clients’ developmental journey.

Another well-researched approach I use for the same is The Map of Meaning methodology to help individuals and organisations discover what gives them meaning and purpose. It inspires rich conversations about the possibility of experiencing wholeness at work or, for example, discovering and expressing the evolutionary purpose of people and organizations.

I’m also a certified trainer in Transparent Communication, a contemplative approach, by which we learn how to communicate with deep authenticity and broaden our ability to  empathically attune to others. This dramatically increases our skillfulness in relationship, and allows us to introduce more openness, clarity, and presence into everyday interactions – turning otherwise ordinary communication into an instance of spiritual practice.

My professional trajectory also includes social work, mental health, group facilitation, herbal medicine as well as systemic and integrative models of health. I’m using the movement building skills I developed for organizational renewal, as a change agent certified by NHS England’s School for Change Agents.

Besides my work with the UK’s National Health Services and CommunityIntelligence, I also serve as editor of the Health and Care section of Enlivening Edge magazine, where I interview and write articles about the work of leading innovators and change agents of the sector. You can find my list of publications here.