When I stop HAVING a body, a mind, emotions, a soul, when I deeply and authentically experience that I AM the body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul, all at once, then I start waking up to never dreamt possibilities within and around me, my networks and communities.

Modern-day shamans waking to those possibilities, as memories of the future, start caring for the intersection of mindfulness, the many movements for civilizational renewal, and emerging technologies.

I’m here to link up with you, lovers of the intersection, to discover and dance with our fine insights and inspirations, and let them flow through our connected web of lifeworks.

Emerging cognitive and other technologies can threaten or enrich our life, enslave or liberate us. Whichever option we give more attention to, grows. I choose to dedicate a big part of my life as a scholar-practitioner to passionately inquiry into how to actualize the emancipatory potential of AI-enhanced collective intelligence and wisdom.

You can read more about a project related to that here: https://community-intelligence.com/…/creating-a-meshwork-o…/ .

I’m curious about YOUR mindful observation how do YOU feel as you read this post or that article.

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