Letting Collective Intelligence Use Me for Organizing Itself

I emailed a tweet I’ve just stumbled upon in my tweetstream to a colleague because I knew it had to do with one of her interests.

We cannot spend all our time on hanging out in the stream but the larger is the circle of friends who care for us, the better are the chances that we can stay informed not only 0.5% but maybe 1% of what we need to know about what is happening in the noosphere.

She responded, “You’re a good sensor, you ….”

That inspired the following message from me, which I decided to share here because I’m curious of what y’all think of it.

light sensor It’s a kind of “organic” sensor that feeds on feedback that moves action…  In other words, I let collective intelligence use me for organizing itself in the following way:

I send the gems I pick up on my surfpath to friends all over the world, to whom one or the other piece I think can be relevant. Then, I use the quality of feedback, the excitement it generates (or not) to refine my filtering-and-forwarding strategy.

I guess it takes a great deal of imagination to make sense out of what I try to express here. I could use if in the comments to this post, you would share whatever it triggers in you.

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