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Increasing Wellbeing and Wholeness at Work

Helping people and organisations flourish by re-imagining work, transforming lives, recognising and mobilising everyone’s true potential

Can you imagine the potential of workplaces as places of collaborative growth, as hubs for learning and development, and even places of joy and living?

To attract and retain talents, employers must find ways to keep employees engaged and challenged within the organisation, instead of losing them when their need to develop and care for themselves at work is not met.

A wellbeing program that grows a workforce with the physical energy, mental focus, and emotional drive to support their organisations’ success will not simply settle on a run-of-the-mill programme of stress-reduction or fostering positive emotions.

Our distinctive Wellbeing & Wholeness at Work program offers a holistic and person-centred approach to physical, mental and emotional health.

Whether you want to introduce a wellbeing program in your company or team, or upgrade an existing program, we will tailor our offer to the objectives and unique working conditions of your organisation.

We take into account the fact that people don’t like being told what is good for them. Instead, our approach emphasizes helping people discover more meaning at work, more joy and inspiration in shared mindfulness, more vitality in their body, and relaxed ways to accomplish more.

All that leads not only to improved business metrics like reduced employee turnover rate and interviewing cost, better asset utilisation, but also a culture of appreciation and wholeness, which is, of course, good for business.

Our comprehensive program is based on a unique and customizable combination of various approaches to health & wellbeing, including, Brain Health, Nutrition, Shared Mindfulness, Transparent Communication, Map of Meaningful Work, Wholeness at Work, and more.

It is the result of working for over 30 years in physical and mental health while developing and applying whole systems and person-centred approaches in different contexts. As people actively address imbalances in any area of their life and work, they feel more alive, more empowered and more connected to purpose. We share evidence based knowledge and practices and also offer to coach individuals and teams on demand.

Look up the description of our various programmes here. After reviewing them, for more information and a free, introductory consultation, please write to Anna Betz at

Programmes for Increasing Health and Wellbeing at Work