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Transformative Leadership Communities

Advisory Service and Roadmap for Growing Strategic Competence in Facilitating Transformation

Who Are the Transformative Leaders

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The essence of the transformative leaders’ work is to transform the VUCA of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, into the VUCA of Vision, Understanding, Clarity, Agility.

Transformative leaders are, who, independently from their formal job function, care enough about the people hurt by the conditions of the first VUCA, and who have courage and compassion to take an active stand for transmuting it into the second VUCA.

They know that the era of heroic leaders is over and that work cannot be done by one person, if it ever could have been. They look for allies, inside and outside the organisation. That’s why the late Jim Leslie, a Senior VP of a major energy company came to us and asked, how can he call into being and cultivate a community of change champions.

What Is a Transformative Leadership Community

TLC is is a group of accomplished and aspiring transformative leaders, who are passionate about evolving themselves and their organisation. They pursue a shared learning/developmental agenda for growing transformative competences and spreading new knowledge and practices. They steward the organisation’s evolutionary potential.

TLC is a low-risk way to prototype next-stage organising because it is prefigurative, i.e. embodying within its practices those advanced forms of decision-making, culture, and human experience that are harbingered by it.

The TLC Roadmap Service

We will provide you with:

  • Strategic Learning Conversations with key decision makers
  • Transformative Leadership Capabilities Framework, include foundational (individual and collective practices)
  • Generative interviews with world-be participants
  • Introductory workshop
  • TLC pilot design
  • Mentoring the core group of the Transformative Leadership Community
  • Handbook of Transformative Leadership Communities

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