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The CommunityIntelligence Innovation Architecture: how to jump-start and sustain a vortex of innovation

To jump-start and sustain a vortex of innovation, we need to bring our attention and intention to all the 5 parts of the propeller. Together, they represent the essence of the “CommunityIntelligence Innovation Architecture.” Its power to enable extraordinary results reveals itself only when all of its parts are engaged. To get a glimpse of… Read more »

Innovant Junts, or how we morph together from caterpillar to butterfly

“Innovant Junts” is Catalan for Innovating Together. This blog is sourced from the one written and published originally by Magda Barceló, a consultant in collective intelligence, living in Southern Catalonia. What is your view of the current world situation- I asked George Pór? he replied: “How I see it is that there are two currents running at the same time…. Read more »

Innovation by communities of practice at Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble, a consumer-goods giant, has created more than 20 “communities of practice” which bring together volunteers from different parts of the company and focus on a specific area of expertise, such as packaging, fragrances or skin science. These groups meet and share ideas, and other employees can put questions to them via the… Read more »