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Enterprise 2.0 and communities of practice

“First, just get people comfortable connecting, sharing, helping one another, seeking one another out to exchange value… If the culture is one of sharing and the social networking tools are present in the same space as the tools people use for their practice work, communities of practice can emerge. Letting people connect first around interests… Read more »

Catching a glimpse of the future – networked constellations of communities of practice

Only communities of practitioners can assess realistically what work and learning practices add more effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment to practicing their profession.  As those communities mature, they start taking responsibility for jointly evolving their domain of practice. At that point, they become a central force of production; they move from the fringes of value creation… Read more »

Communities of practice and social networks in the enterprise

An increasing number of organizations are informally experimenting with and benefiting from the use of social networks and Web 2.0 tools for business purposes, a new study has found. Conducted jointly by Washington-based think tank Human Capital Institute and talent-management software provider Cornerstone OnDemand, based in Santa Monica, Calif., the study found that more than… Read more »

“Organizational Learning in Tough Economic Times”

A new study on “Organizational Learning in Tough Economic Times” by ASTD and the Institute for Corporate Productivity examined how organizations manage learning in a down economy. When asked how the current economy would shape the content and focus of the learning function within their own organizations, survey respondents indicated some shifting in priorities. “Emphasizing… Read more »

Innovation by communities of practice at Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble, a consumer-goods giant, has created more than 20 “communities of practice” which bring together volunteers from different parts of the company and focus on a specific area of expertise, such as packaging, fragrances or skin science. These groups meet and share ideas, and other employees can put questions to them via the… Read more »

Communities of practice in the European Commission

We have been advising leaders in the European Commission about the developing their strategy for working with CoP, as well as facilitating the learning community coordinators  since the Summer of 2006. CoPs in the Commission come in different forms, sometimes called “knowledge networks,” or just simply “networks.” No matter what their name is, their common… Read more »

European Social Fund collects practices worth to replicate from communities of practice

There are wasteful practices and there are excellent, high-leverage practices of managing the social funds received by the Member States from EU, and anywhere in between the extremes. The difference translates in more or less people are getting vocational re-training in areas struck by modernization, or network of woman entrepreneurs becoming more visible and able… Read more »