Select list of George Pór’s publications

Biomimicry-inspired Community Knowledge Gardening and the 12 Intelligences of Wise Cities, in collaboration with Marilyn Hamilton, in the forthcoming book on Technopolis: Smart Cities as Learning Ecologies, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan (2014)

“It’s not about working harder but smarter” An interview on communities of practice (in Spanish), in the Diari de Tarragona (4-Apr-2013)

Commoning Our Way to the Great Transition, Kosmos Journal (Summer 2012)

Evolutionary Worldview Rising, Integral Leadership Review (June 2010)

On Collective Intelligence and Communities of Practice chapter in the book on Evolutionary Leadership, (2009)

Cultivating Collective Intelligence: a core leadership competence in a complex world, chapter in the book Collective Intelligence: creating a prosperous world at peace (2008)

Discovering Universal, Infinite, and Measurable Semantic Space: an Interview with Professor Pierre Lévy, chapter in the book Collective Intelligence: creating a prosperous world at peace (2008)

Connecting Our Conversations: Becoming Wiser Together, Kosmos Journal (Spring/Summer 2008)

Collective Intelligence as a Field of Multi-disciplinary Study and Practice, co-authored with Tom Atlee (2006)

Liberating the Innovation Value of Communities of Practice, in the “Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies” textbook (2005)

Management education and knowledge ecology, BizEd, the Magazine for Business Education (January 2001)

Nurturing Systemic Wisdom through Knowledge Ecology, in The Systems Thinker, (October 2000)

The Quest for Collective Intelligence, in “Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business”, New Leaders Press (1995)

Let’s Get Virtual – And Physical, in Fast Company (February/March 1998)

A Case of Distance Collaboration in a Virtual Community of Practice, handout at the ICM Knowledge Management Conference, Los Angeles (1997)

Future Communications: Hommage to Teilhard de Chardin, in the book on The Future of Communications, published by NEC Corporation (1989)

Vous n’etes qu’une donnée de la science in Les Temps Modernes (1978)

Pour une sociologie alternative, in Les Temps Modernes (1976)

See also a select list of conference presentations here