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UNICEO held its European Congress in Budapest

FTNnews.com (press release) - 4 days ago
Divided into four thematic sections, Measurement, Engagement, Technology and Innovation, and Leadership, the Congress programme adopted an innovative format with keynote sessions, panel discussions...

How a Flock of Drones Developed Collective Intelligence

WIRED - 4 days ago
The drones rise all at once, 30 strong, the domes of light on their undercarriages glowing 30 different hues—like luminescent candy sprinkles against the gray, dusky sky. Then they pause, suspended...

A Tech-Fueled Approach to Collective Problem-Solving

BRINK - 6 days ago
While classically, collective intelligence is how people think and act in groups, today collective intelligence includes how new technologies, especially the Internet, can help us become smarter...

Study Confirms Open Workspaces Decrease Collaboration

Allwork.Space (press release) - 2 weeks ago
On the other hand, the results aren't shocking to “organizational scholars, especially social psychologists and environmental psychologists, [who] have shown that removing spatial boundaries...

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