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Contests for Combating Climate Change Are Now Open

InfoToday.com - 18 hours ago
Climate CoLab, part of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, launched seven contests whose winners will be invited to MIT to share their work and will become eligible for a $10,000 grand prize....

How Can You Tell If Someone's Lying? AI Study Sees Truth in a Face

Inverse - 1 week ago
Scientists have long studied collective intelligence in animals, but now San Francisco tech firm Unanimous A.I. is putting collective decision-making technology in the hands of humans. And what's...

Exago Debuts New Line of Idea Management Software

CIO Today - 2 weeks ago
Exago Introduces a New Brand, Mission and Idea Management Software Offer -- With solutions to help innovation managers activate their companies' collective intelligence to solve key business...

Ants build living towers that flow like a fountain in reverse

New Scientist - 2 weeks ago
Some fire ants build towers of their own bodies in an amazing display of acrobatics and collective intelligence. Even more surprisingly, ants circulate through the tower while keeping its overall...

Madrid as a democracy lab

Open Democracy - 2 weeks ago
Meanwhile, collective intelligence and networking in the squares were developing sophisticated mechanisms for participation and deliberation, both online and face-to-face. The powerful technopolitics...

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