Collective Intelligence & Wisdom

When two or more people are present to one another (whether in the same space or not) with mindful awareness, then the depth of information, the shareable knowledge and the quality of accessible intelligence and wisdom are much greater than the sum of their parts.

Mindfulness can be trained and, in fact, mindfulness trainings, books, videos are gaining in popularity. That prepares the culture for the next wave, which is “shared mindfulness.” What drives it is the need for groups of increasing size, which can tackle local and global challenges of increasing complexity.

As pioneers of the “collective intelligence” work, we’ve been monitoring that field and moving its edge for many years. We are bringing you the fruits of those years and our passion to stay on the edge and share what we are leaning through the following offers:

Chaordic Chat 

Collective Intelligence 2.0 workshops

These bespoke educational offers are designed to meet specific collective challenges with the power of the arts and sciences of collective intelligence. If you want to find out what is possible, contact us and let us know why you need to upgrade the collective intelligence and performance of your organisation to its next level.

Collective Intelligence Enhancement Lab

This is a high-level design for a virtual environment optimised to meet the “collective intelligence” needs of large groups in the private and social sectors, including professional associations and regional innovation ecosystems. This was first presented at the 57th Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences.

For those of you interested in the broader issues of collective intelligence and wisdom, we recommend the following resources

  • Blog of Collective Intelligence, published by George Pór since 2013
  • Collective Intelligence & Collective Leadership, an essay by George Pór
  • The Collective Intelligence & Collective Wisdom community, established by George Pór on Google Plus