Chaordic Tele-Mentoring

chaordic-chat“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” (Viktor E. Frankl)

Deepening that space between stimulus and response, through chaordic conversations, opens new, unexpected possibilities in thought and action.

“Chaordic” refers to the space between chaos and order, a system  “often described as a harmonious coexistence displaying characteristics of both, with neither chaotic nor ordered behavior dominating. Some hold that nature is largely organized in such a manner; in particular, living organisms and the evolutionary process by which they arose are often described as chaordic in nature.’ (Wikipedia)

Most of our daily conversations are free-flowing (chaotic) or driven by an agenda (ordered).  Innovation happens and new insights and meaning frequently arise on the edge, between chaos and order. That’s why we cherish and cultivate the art of “chaord.”

In a Chaordic Tele-Mentoring we use a unique combination of contemplative practices, Transparent Communication, and Web-based, real-time messaging.  What happens in a session, typically, is that we let thoughts arise unrestrained, spontaneously and embrace them with a lightly held order of our common intent: to stay present to both the challenge/opportunity that is the most alive for you, and the new meaning emerging from our exchange.

We introduced this method, initially, in a post on the Blog of Collective Intelligence, as follows:

“This practice starts by breaking the habit of giving and receiving immediate response in real-time conversations, texting, on Skype or on the phone. It gives access to a fuller intelligence of the parties in communication. When we take any insight, a striking inspiration, or a special resonance between possibilities, into the focus of our non-judgmental observing and contemplating them, then we can access a deeper intuition. Giving room to such contemplation, before moving to expression, is a gift to the conversation’s highest potential.”

Chaordic Tele-Mentoring service generates deeper insights, accelerated personal development, enhanced “quiet mind” skills, and the benefits that come with all that, for example, the possibility for breakthrough innovation. Additional benefits of chaordic communication include:

increased creativity

updated self-knowledge

improved relational competence and sense of empathy

easier ways to gain new perspectives and to deal with complexity


Chaordic Tele-Mentoring is an advanced version of what we introduced first, in 2009, as “Chaordic Chat.” Since then the method evolved thanks to what the team of practitioners keep discovering about it and its potential, in each session.

Blocks of mentoring session can be booked for 3-months (6 sessions) or 6 months (12 sessions).

If either of those options is of interest to you, please contact us, let us know about your need, and ask about details and fees.


Who should apply

This service is not for everyone. To apply, you need to be a serious aspirant of discovering and realising your highest potential, as your contribution to your organisation, community and the common good. There are no other requirements, but without that kind of aspiration we wouldn’t be a good match for each other.


What is next?

A mentoring relationship starts with a generative interview aimed at discovering the question most alive for you now, and the future possibility that has the strongest pull on you. We work with only a few people at a time, typically for 3-6 months, to ensure that each aspirant gets quality attention. If you have questions or to arrange for a free introductory conversation, email George Pór at george(at)Community-Intelligence(dot).com.



“The Chaordic Chat was different from anything I’d done before… I found myself reflecting on what you were asking and observing. My response was slower and probably more considered than in a normal conversation. So my main impressions of the process are of brevity of ‘speaking’, of slowing down, of greater focus and distillation: getting to the essence.  I’m also aware of three strong features:  One was that there were many more silences (whilst thinking and then typing) than would usually characterise an animated conversation by telephone or face to face. Another was the opportunity to be really present to the unfolding story. The third was that the whole Chaordic Chat was there to read and to go back to, to read again.”

Ray Charlton, Organisation Development Consultant

“Just been basking in this chaordic chat. So juicy and alive… Just feeling so much source energy and passion as the usual stimulus-response is broken to allow the space in”

—  Nick Jankel-Elliott, CEO, WeCreate World-wide

“Deeply silent and active at the same time. Being and becoming as one experience. Easy breathing, a beautiful inner rhythm. Still waters and the expanse of the witnessing state.”

Rohan Narse, Consultant at Initiatives of Change

“I have been LONGING for years for this kind of “silence gap” in groups, rather than constant talking. I need and want time to let my response emerge from deeper and I think such gaps would help others too. And just creating a gap is only part of the story, of course…”

Rev. Alia Aurami, Ph.D

“Somehow this chat encourages more creativity, helps more to get in touch with one’s own creative impulse and learn to trust it. Not seeing or hearing the mentor or mentoree, cuts out a lot of judgments and distractions about looks, tone of voice, smell, surrounding, … it is about our internal, very personal experience of ourselves. Such radical honesty seems somehow quite easy in a Chaordic Chat.”

Anna Betz

“As my awareness increases generally, I have the capacity to notice many levels operating within me simultaneously, sometimes I’m afraid when I see the lower levels are still there but that itself is just another fear that can be transcended. When I witness it all, there is a new choice point for how I step in to engage.”

Eric Troth

“Going back to read what someone wrote while I keyed gives me a felt sense of iteration and the synapses connecting in new ways – takes me out of the linear loop into non-linearity.”

Marilyn Hamilton, Ph.D

“Suddenly, after about 30 seconds or so, I felt a cosmic bell ring in the silence….and a question popped into my mind, ‘What is my purpose?’ – I was enthralled at how right it felt. We then messaged back and forth in “chaordic” style, with periods of silence, inquiry and action (typing) as we unfolded that question. As we proceeded, I found qualities of interconnectedness, possibility and creativity beginning to interweave in greater and greater depth and refinement to the point that after 90 minutes or so we were left with a profound co-created possibility: our individual purposes were deeply resonant and could intertwine to create something of meaning not only for ourselves but for others and the world.”

Oliver Jacobs

“We shouldn’t underestimate how much (daily) practice it takes to truly be in contemplative silence. We spend a lot of our days practicing just the opposite (!) – filling up silence with all the time-and-space-related objects that can seriously interfere with any chaordic dialogue we might be hoping to develop.”

Robin Temple

“This Chaordic approach is OUTRAGEOUSLY powerful as an application to hone Somatic-awareness!!! i get it, no inside-outside, no me-You, just Me/Us writing with Me/Us ! …. am having a pre-cursor hint of that, as I am actioning now… 🙂 Thank You”

Rowan Gillies

“I like the fact that multiple threads of a conversation can go on simultaneously and in a non-linear fashion – which both matches how my mind works and allows me time and opportunity to develop 2nd, 3rd, 4th ideas around an original idea IN DIALOGUE… The ‘awkward’ silences on a face to face call are not “awkward” but are “opportunities for reflection” – a whole different energy! I like that I can be both “free flowing – associative” at times and at other times precise and convergent – a little harder in conversation without elaborate sign-posting.”

Tim Stanyon

“I can see that this is a reflective process, which also leans toward deeper listening. Pausing is hugely valuable, also, not continually iterating with all the senses with the other person.”

Lindsay Levine