The CommunityIntelligence Innovation Architecture: how to jump-start and sustain a vortex of innovation

Propeler45To jump-start and sustain a vortex of innovation, we need to bring our attention and intention to all the 5 parts of the propeller. Together, they represent the essence of the “CommunityIntelligence Innovation Architecture.” Its power to enable extraordinary results reveals itself only when all of its parts are engaged.

To get a glimpse of each of the 5 architectural domains, consider the following sample questions charactersitic to them.

Learning Innovation. What is considered as strategic knowledge for your organisation and how to unleash the power of communities of professional practice to develop and steward it?

How to combine effective “personal knowledge gardening” tools and processes with vibrant, organisational and inter-organisational knowledge ecosystems?

Social Innovation. What new modes of governance, roles and accountabilities will strengthen authentic connections between people? How to go about generating a culture shift in that direction?

Business Innovation. How to upgrade our thinking and practices from “value chain” to “value web,” from industrial age business models based on dominance to new engines of value-creation based on partnering and creative collaboration that meet genuine human and social needs?

Technology Innovation. What is the best mix of electronic technologies that we can use to power up our social, learning and business innovations? How can complex tech tools get demystified and made simple to use by all?

Aesthetic Innovation. “Aesthetic” in the center of the propeller refers to beauty, not in the sense of decoration but the qualities of appreciation, inspiration, and mindfulness present in all what we do. What is needed for successfully cultivating those qualities at every instance, and in every transaction of your organisation, so that the results of the other four innovation infrastructures become more than the sum of the parts?

Why to cultivate all 5 infrastructures and  architect them into a coherent system of innovation?

Matching the complexity of challenges that most organisations are facing is only possible by growing capacity in all 5 areas. Imagine that the propeller blades started turning… Would you want to sit in a plane, where one of the blades is wobbling?

Addressing the questions of each of the 5 domains can be valuable in itself but the  most significant results will appear only when you hit the sweet spot, their synergistic impact. Do you want to learn more about how your organisation or network can benefit from this innovation architecture and how to get started with building it?  If yes, contact us and let’s explore how it can take your innovation practices to the next level.