Evolutionary Mentoring


You aspire to reach your fuller potential as a human being and impactful change agent. I share your intention and hold it in the perspective of caring for the evolution of consciousness itself, as it manifests in/as your developmental journey. Evolutionary mentoring will put in your flight a tailwind from the most powerful force on Earth, evolution itself.

Evolutionary Mentoring is a dialogical process aimed at developing your capabilities for evolutionary leadership and mentoring. It unfolds, primarily, by being in the “flow” together and attending to your developmental objectives.

I act as a strategic learning partner, who helps you discover and realize new levels of your potential and impact. In my mentoring relationships, I am fully committed to help you remove any obstacle between you and your next-stage version.


Sample list of possible objectives for capability development

Focusing initially, only on few developmental objectives will help you receive greater return on the time invested in realizing them. Your choice of 3 key foci will serve as a magnet for your attention in the initial period of our working together. The list of suggested objectives don’t represent any priority order; the letters in front of them serve only easier referencing.

You can add to and change it, as you see fit. You will be able to revisit and refine it, any time, for a better fit with the emergent challenges and opportunities that your life and work present to you.

  1. Learn accessing deep intuition, epiphanies, and anticipatory thinking capabilities, so essential to respond to a better future in need of our wise action today.
  2. Discover your present evolutionary purpose, what that future in need of your blossoming wants from you.
  3. Create an empowering vision of your future that is personally and professionally meaningful, inspiring, and energizing.
  4. Learn to continually align with and stay available to the evolutionary impulse within and around.
  5. Increase the effectiveness and impact of your coaching work.
  6. Build competence in Generative Listening and Generative Dialogue.
  7. Learn assessing your developmental gaps.
  8. Upgrade your practice in the arts and sciences of collective intelligence.

You can choose between a fully emergent developmental path, or a more structured trajectory presented below.


Reckoning, remembering and renewing — the R3 Journey

Reckoning is a process of listening to one’s deeply held values, discovering one’s essence (most fundamental contribution to life), and an evolving sense of mission arising from it. It is also a time of observing one’s ways of operating, behavioral habits, the ones that supports further development, and those that hinder it.

Reinventing oneself includes a series of practices about letting go of the old habits, roles, and narratives, which don’t serve one anymore, and letting the new ones come, which can support the new ways of being. This stage is about achieving a new level of inner coherence that connects the various roles in which the creative imperative expresses itself in one’s life.

Regenerating is about prototyping the “next edition” of an upgraded self, integrating head, heart, and hands. It is also a process of retooling for what the reinvented wants to bring into the world. Here we ask: If I could use my talents in all of the ways that inspire me, what problem in the world would I feel I called to work on? Where is my community of practice; how do I best co-evolve with all those, who are passionate about the same line of work?


What each of us brings to our relation

Mentoring logoI bring my passion for growing to the next stage, yours and mine. I also bring what I’ve been learning from 30 years of working with visionary leaders in the private, public, and social sectors, drawing on various wisdom traditions and contemporary disciplines of leadership development, including systems thinking, social architecture, and complexity theory.

What you are asked to bring is:

  1. Your dedication to make measurable progress towards realizing your selected developmental outcomes.
  2. Responsiveness in our communication, including timely feedback on what works well for you and what doesn’t.
  3. The maintaining of a learning journal that supports a self-reflective relationship with yourself. (Guidance to journaling methods will be provided.)
  4. Your willingness to participate in our process via a private, password-protected online space.


What the service includes

A 6-month basic service includes one session of 1 hour per month, in-person or via a Skype or Zoom call. The intensive version includes 2 sessions per month.

The interval between sessions allows enough time to integrate the experience and emergent insights, and do your “homework” closely tied to your real-life opportunities and challenges. The service also includes my responding to your emergent questions via our private online channel, within 48 hours.

By the end of the 6-month period you will have prototyped a new way of being and working, which will let you continue refining it on your own, or decide to continue our work together to accelerate further development.


Where to start and what is next

Our first (free) conversation will be focused on getting acquainted and establishing the markers for your current stage of development and the stage you wish to inhabit next, and build the foundation of our working relationship.

We will also chart your learning path and set the dates of our upcoming sessions. You will also be introduced to the journaling method, and receive a starting set of exercises to work with till our first session.