Integral Mentoring

Framework for Integral Mentoring

Situating our Work in the Big Picture

The broadest context for this service is supporting the evolution of consciousness and society, as it manifests through your evolutionary journey, and accelerating the realization of your fuller potential as a human being and a leader.

Knowing with Einstein that “humanity can’t resolve its problems at the level of consciousness that created them,” raises the question, where will the new consciousness come from? Not without you, me, and all of us concerned, contributing to it, by reinventing ourselves through vertical development.

While horizontal development provides better knowledge, skills, and abilities, vertical development, a whole-person approach, is about growth in maturity of perspective, which is the best predictor of leadership effectiveness in times of increasing complexity and volatility. That’s why Integral Mentoring is focused on your vertical development.

Entering the Relationship

A mentoring relationship starts, typically, with a conversation for discovering a shared context, based on the largest whole that you can put your arms around. It is the whole with which you’re able to have an intimate relationship with, i.e. the largest whole, from which you can experience your life.

Discovering what will be our shared context happens in a generative dialogue with me. In those conversations, both you and I learn about where you are at on your life’s journey, and what questions are carrying it forward. We will also talk about:

  • my mentoring style and principles
  • the “integral mindfulness” framework
  • benefits of this work
  • communication frequency and modes
  • how we contract with each other

Mentoring Style and Principles

My mentoring is a dialogical process based on a collaborative learning partnership, where we work together for the aspirant’s evolving towards his/her highest potential. There are no standardised, formulaic “packages” or roles; we use the challenges that your life/work provides to fuel your development.

I will stand with you in your commitment to reach your fuller potential, even and especially if you falter under the pressures of daily life and work. The relationship is supported by my full engagement, which means that I am as much committed to your wellbeing and evolution as to my own.

Because you can’t see what is above your head, I may call your attention to the blind spots that hinder your journey. Sometimes, I will challenge you to make good use of all of your intelligences, all your ways of knowing, particularly in situations where nothing less will do.

Unlike a coach, who provides instruction to prepare the player for better performance, an integral mentor acts as a strategic learning partner, who helps the aspirant in discovering and realizing new levels of his/her overall potential, and impact in the world.

Integral Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a doorway to the deeper work that vertical development requires.
In the context of my mentoring practice, “mindfulness” refers not to its popular, “stress-reduction, self-help technique” meaning of the word, but to a discipline of training our attention and intention to foster wise action grounded in compassion and with self and others.

Four SpheresWith the phrase “integral mindfulness” I emphasize the need for being mindful of all four quadrants of one’s experience, as presented in the integral matrix.

What is novel about my approach is the shift of focus from the snapshot-like, static quadrants of the integral matrix to the dynamic interactions happening in the overlaps of the four spheres.

Integral mindfulness is taking mindfulness off the meditation cushion and infusing all dimensions of our life with it; not only the life of you and me, but also collective entities, such as organisations, networks, cities and regions. Thus, your being mindful integrally contributes to the development of your team, company, community, and networks, in ways that that serve all of their stakeholders.

Benefiting from Integral Mentoring

  • Your enhanced competence in perspective-taking will give you access to more vantage points to enjoy the view from, simultaneously.
  • Discovering what the question is, to which your life is the answer and how to answer it, will help you live a more on-purpose life.
  • You will learn to connect more profoundly with your future version and let it attract the wisdom your decisions need today.
  • Accessing deep intuition, cultivating epiphanies and anticipatory thinking capabilities, will assist you in leading complex, evolutionary transformations.
  • Building skills in holistic dialogues, through deepening the practice of transparent communication, will let you create more harmony around you.
  • Reliably assessing your developmental lines, using an 8-directional “radar chart” self-assessment instrument, will provide you with an adaptive guidance system.

All of the above will contribute to make wiser decisions and engage in wiser action. However, the full benefits of the integral mentoring service cannot be predicted because they emerge from the cross-fertilization of the ones outlined here, and will depend on what you chose to do with them.

Communication Frequency and Modes

A typical, 6-month mentoring cycle includes two sessions of 1 hour per month, one of which is conducted in person or via Skype call, the other is via Chaordic Mentoring that combines contemplative awareness with computer-enabled real-time exchange. Whenever we are in the same town, the Skype calls can be replaced with in-person meetings.

The 2-week interval between each session allows enough time to integrate the experience and emergent insights, and do your “homework” closely tied to real-life opportunities and challenges.

In addition, a private, online communication channel with 48-hr response time and monthly Living Assessment Reports, with personalized guidance information, are also available for an extra fee.

Contracting with Each Other

Our mutual responsibility

What I bring to our work together are the fruits of 30 years of strategic learning partnerships with executives and change makers, using a combination of ancient wisdom traditions and such contemporary disciplines as leadership development, systems thinking, social architecture, cognitive complexity, and personal knowledge ecology. In each mentoring assignment, I always bring my passion to go for the highest payoff for our personal, communal, and planetary evolution.

What you are asked to bring:

  1. Your dedication to make measurable progress towards realizing your selected developmental outcomes
  2. Responsiveness in our communication, including timely feedback on what works well for you and what doesn’t
  3. Maintaining a learning journal that supports a self-reflective relationship with yourself, your self-discovery and self-transformation (Guidance to journaling methods will be provided.)

Eligibility and fees

This service is suitable only to leaders and change makers with an established track record. Occasionally, I also mentor young, emergent leaders. I work only with a small number of aspirants every year. (As of today, there are three places left for 2016.)

The fee for a 6-month and 12-session mentoring cycle is £200/session, payable in advance. The fee for the same cycle including a private, online communication channel with its 48-hr response time, and 6 Living Assessment Reports with detailed guidance information, is £300/session. These amounts support the continuing development of this work and the research that it is based on. However, I don’t want to exclude young professionals with lower income from the opportunity of benefiting from it. Contact me if you need to negotiate your case.

Looking forward to the opportunity to help you realize your wildest dreams for the sake of the Whole!

For more information or to arrange for an interview, email me at george(at)Community-Intelligence(dot)com .