Systemic Leadership Summit 2019
Sharing a virtual stage with Peter Senge, Nora Bateson, and other thought leaders, George Pór will be presenting  to explore new ways to develop & transform your organization. Register now to get your FREE access, for a limited time:
13-20 January
Fostering collective wisdom in the city: a practical approach workshop  with George Pór
Reus, Spain, 29-30 November
Getting Out of Our Own Way: Practices for Dissolving Barriers to the Harvesting of Community Intelligence 

Aftab Omer and George Pór lead a workshop at the International Transformative Learning Conference, Columbia University

New York, 7/10-Nov-2018

Reinventing Organizations with Transformative Communities of Practice

George Pór speaks at the 2nd China Organizatonal Evolution Forum

Shanghai, 2-Nov-2018
Creating Systems and Processes for Boost the Collective Intelligence of Your Organizations

George Pór leads a workshop for organisational change facilitators.

Shanghai, 28-Oct-2018

Opportunities and Challenges in Boosting the Collective Intelligence of the Firm with AI-Enhanced Knowledge Ecosystem

George Pór’s talk in the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society.

Hong Kong, 23-Oct-2018

How to Harness the Intelligence of Your Collective

George Pór talks in Metta, the club of Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial community.

Hong Kong, 18-Oct-2018