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Beyond social media, focus on social strategy!

We are living in the time of a bold surge in expressive capability, individual and collective. Never before we had that many people, communities, and networks, engaged in many-to-many communications. Social creativity became the driving force of productivity and evolution. A new historical era has dawned on us, with implications still far from being grasped…. Read more »

Corporate Social Responsibility and the global financial crisis

In response to a question about CSR in crisis time, posted in an online forum of an upcoming conference that I co-host, I wrote: If we break ‘crisis’ to its danger and opportunity aspects, the danger seems to be obvious. When companies have to cut costs, the first casualties are always expenditures that seem to… Read more »

Communities of practice facilitate the sharing of ideas in the US government

from the “Open Government: Committed to Changing How Things Work” section of the OPEN GOVERNMENT : A Progress Report to the American People (.pdf) “The Administration is… developing ‘communities of practice’ to facilitate the sharing of ideas and software code across agencies and levels of government to realize open government in practice.” When will the… Read more »

Meeting of Minds: a “Pro Action Europe” event co-hosted by George Pór, Oct 1-2

If you have a wide-ranging curiosity about and willingness to embrace change, and are convinced that today’s complex, interconnected, globalized challenges require to discover new approaches, then join Pro Action Europe members, partners and facilitators (Otto Laske, Jan de Vish, Luc Hoebeke, George Pór, Rainer von Leoprechting) in an action-oriented, collaborative inquiry into thriving in… Read more »

Enterprise 2.0 and communities of practice

“First, just get people comfortable connecting, sharing, helping one another, seeking one another out to exchange value… If the culture is one of sharing and the social networking tools are present in the same space as the tools people use for their practice work, communities of practice can emerge. Letting people connect first around interests… Read more »

From knowledge “managers” to knowledge “cultivators”: an ecosystem perspective

“From knowledge ‘managers’ to knowledge ‘cultivators’: The role of system catalysts will be as ‘cultivators’ or gardeners who adopt an ecosystem-like approach to establishing trust-based connections (through relation-building, normative values, incentives, etc.) between existing stakeholder groups. This will be the greatest value of the system because it will ensure human-to-human connectivity before crises emerge and… Read more »

Catching a glimpse of the future – networked constellations of communities of practice

Only communities of practitioners can assess realistically what work and learning practices add more effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment to practicing their profession.  As those communities mature, they start taking responsibility for jointly evolving their domain of practice. At that point, they become a central force of production; they move from the fringes of value creation… Read more »

Standing still in a creative tension

It’s Spring time in the Northern hemisphere; trees, the young, and the young at heart are coming alive with new vibrancy.  The seeds that have been germinating in the long winter, are now sprouting. They are stretching into becoming what they are destined by their DNA. Some of them will die before reaching it; others… Read more »