Working with Community Intelligence

Currently, there 6 ways to choose from if you want to work with us. If you feel inspired to support and be supported by our work but your interest doesn’t fit any of those ways, let’s explore a new one.

A CIL Consulting Associate is contracted by us to work with our engagement team on a client project, and receives professional fees. Depending on their experience and track record, we call some of them a “Senior Associate.”

A CIL Marketing Associate is someone who refers projects to us and gets a 10% finder’s fee on the project’s net value for its 1st year and 5% for its second year. Associates are always welcome to participate in company meetings but not expected to.

A CIL Project Lead is a seasoned professional who is either in charge of coordinating a client relationship, or someone who initiates and co-creates with us a project aligned with our strategic objectives, and leads its execution. S/he receives a jointly defined part of the project fee.

Some of the three roles above can be carried out by the same person. In addition to them, there are also the following functions:

A CIL Partner is a Senior Associate who is dedicated to CIL’s vision and mission and to co-evolve the company to its next level of development. S/he participates in growing and managing it.

A CIL Intern is a young professional who wants to develop herself/himself in one or more of our 8 domains of practice, learn from us and have a range of tasks associated with our work. Stipend is negotiable.

The picture will not be complete without mentioning the important role that CIL Support Associates play in the viability of the enterprise. They cover essential administrative, technical, and financial support tasks.