Tim Stanyon

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As a coach

Tim works with the whole person in his coaching, drawing on several approaches including Newfield’s ontological coaching and Stozzi’s somatic coaching. His work is grounded in a deeply held belief that autonomous individuals have within them the potential and possibilities needed to move them forward. He is committed to walk alongside his coachees, supporting and sometimes challenging them, but always building their independence in achieving their goals. He works a lot with purpose – seeing this as the driving force for individual and collective change in the world. His declaration is to enable everyone to be the best that they can be and he strives to bring his own and his client’s highest purpose into being. In recent years Tim’s personal interest in developing ever more mindful ways of working has increased his effectiveness as a coach, and has also led him to advocate for others adopting this as a key insight and way of being to help them navigate their busy world and live the lives they want, in every minute.

As a consultant

Tim has a wide experience of many industries and sectors. He has been both consultant to many organisations as well as leading organisations himself. He has also established his own consulting business and built new consulting practices for others. His consulting work is rooted in Edgar Schein’s Process Consulting approach and he combines this with broad-based experience to work with clients to achieve their ambitions. He is particularly interested in releasing the potential of those within organisations by helping to create an environment of freedom and full expression. He works closely with WorldBlu in their aim to inspire more freedom centred organisations. He is interested in new ways of organising that liberate potential rather than constrain it. His work on knowledge management and communities of practice (he helped build the KM approach for PwC consulting) grew out of his desire to accelerate innovation within organisations and create a context where heart as well as head can thrive. This has developed into a growing interest in how the individual benefits of mindfulness can be extended to that of shared mindfulness and collective wisdom. Tim is particularly experienced in working at the meeting place of leadership, strategy implementation and transition. He has designed and delivered many leadership development experiences and is passionate about developing authentic leaders able to operate more effectively in the world of greater ambiguity and fast paced change where humility and connectedness are key leadership qualities. He works with Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory as one key methodology for connecting all of these passions. Tim’s clients have included Shell, IBM, KPMG, Barclays, HSBC, UK Dept. of Environment, Natural England, British Council, Church of England Children’s Society and HMRC.

As a facilitator

Tim has developed the ability to work with groups and teams to build an environment where their collective capabilities can be released and a climate of powerfully open and authentic communication can take place. He is skilled at working with groups at many levels; those who are forming and wish to establish firm and sustainable foundations to accelerate their effectiveness; existing teams who have become stuck in patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving them; and those who are now faced with greater challenges than they feel capable of rising to without external help. His ability to build high trust relationships and to establish a level of intimacy not only supports and holds groups while they move into new ways of working and being but he can also act as a role model for connecting more powerfully by using personal awareness and being aware of the inter-personal and systemic patterns that can hold groups in less effective relationships. He is accredited in Barry Oshry’s work on “Seeing Systems” and is able to offer an eclectic approach to working with groups based on a wide range of methods and years of experience. He remains a committed learner in this space too.

As a person and seeker

Tim’s life journey has been one of continuous change and development. His early academic passion was literature (his under-graduate degree is in English Language and Literature) and this has continued throughout his life. Increasingly he seeks opportunities to bring poetry and storytelling into his work seeing these as powerful, additional ways of expression that can unlock human potential and connect the head and the heart. He writes poetry himself and recently his poem on Freedom (commissioned by WorldBlu) opened the WorldBlu global conference.

His career has ranged from IT, to commercial consulting, to leading large change programmes, to developing leaders and working with individuals and groups as a coach and facilitator. He has always held justice as a key personal value and this has led him to engagement in movements whose aims are to liberate the human spirit. This is a quest that continues to grow and develop and is an ever increasing proportion of his work. Finding ways to connect individuals and groups to what they care about in service of creating a world with less oppression and more opportunity is the focus of his work now.


“You come across as a very authentic person, comfortable in his own skin. That is I suspect a big clue as to why you’ve been so effective with me. I’ve also observed you being adaptable and not stuck in any one methodological rut. By this I mean that you recognised that some techniques weren’t ticking my boxes, so you moved on and did not (as I have observed in others) feel obliged to stick with a preferred method. All that has made me very comfortable. You’ve also shown a great knack in getting me to pause for thought, and generally to be more thoughtful.”

Stephen Barrett, senior Partner at KPMG

“I want to express my appreciation and admiration of Tim Stanyon’s facilitation skills during our recent two day project lessons learned workshop.  The focus of the workshop changed somewhat a few days prior due to our upper management request.  Tim managed to redesign the workshop on the fly and achieve both the original workshop objective as well as the late addition.  He kept people energised and focused throughout the two days, and the result exceeded my expectations by far. We had 18 participants at a cost of about $100,000 including travel. Tim’s facilitation turned this into a very effective use of their time.”

Barry Abbot, Facilities General Manager, Addax Petroleum

Thanks for all you’ve done. I have so much respect for you and your style and the beautiful way you blend principle and love together in an effective and powerful way. It truly is an honor and privilege to get to learn from you. I trust this adventure will lead us to even more.

Traci Fenton, CEO WorldBlu

Thank you so much for all of your help this week in supporting us with the Evenbase leadership journey. It was so much fun and I’m sure I’m right in saying that every single one of us got a huge amount out of the last two days. It was certainly more than I personally expected, so thank you for that.

Keith Potts, CEO Evenbase