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As an explorer…

George is an explorer of the tip of the evolutionary wave in human and organizational development. He keeps moving the edge of that exploration in his own life, with his clients and fellow explorers.

He pioneered such theoretical and methodological frameworks, as knowledge ecology, collective sentience, knowledge gardening, innovation architecture, Chaordic Dialogue, and evolutionary cartography.

His current research interests include: shared mindfulness,   learning cities and regions, wisdom society, (global-scale) collective intelligence and wisdom, evolutionary guidance systems, “global brain” studies, global solution networks, and the emergence of higher “we-spaces.”


As an advisor…

George is available to use research-based foresight to support projects and initiatives for boosting community learning and regional knowledge and innovation ecosystems. He has also been working as an advisor to early-stage and mature tech and media companies that want to reap the benefits of being first movers of disruptive innovation.

A pioneer of virtual communities since the early 80’s, George has been designing and guiding 100s of professional online communities on dozens platforms. He served as the Chief Architect of the International Society for Systems Sciences’ Collective Intelligence Initiative, and has been an advisor to the Integral City collective.

Besides being the Founder of Enlivening Edge, an online magazine and community of next-stage organizations, and co-host of the Next-Stage World gathering of organization reinventors, George is also the Director of CommunityIntelligence Ltd. His clients included Campus de Excelencia Internacional Cataluña Sur, Climate and Development Knowledge Network, European Commission, European Investment Bank, Ford Motor Co., Greenpeace, Intel, Shell, UN Development Programme, World Wildlife Foundation, and numerous other organisations around the world.

George’s signature projects included: designing and coaching the implementation of a “communities of practice” strategy for boosting the collective intelligence of a regional innovation ecosystem in Spain; conducting an “attention leadership” action research to help executives in high-tech companies “attend to more things, at a faster rate, without becoming overloaded or dysfunctional; developing a “communities of practice” strategy for national and international government agencies; and designing the innovation architecture of a global, multi-stakeholder event involving governments, NGOs, and the private sector.


As an Evolutionary Mentor…

George facilitates transformation in individuals and systems. He serves as strategic learning partner to future-responsive leaders in business, civil society, government, and multi-stakeholder networks.

He’s been fortunate to immerse himself in numerous cultures, branches of evolutionary spirituality and wisdom traditions, which have enriched his life and inspired him to “pay it forward:” Today, in his mentoring practice, George blends the wisdom of contemplative arts with web-based communication tools.

As an Evolutionary Mentor, George draws on the principles and practices of Reinventing Organizations, Transparent Communication, Action Learning, Appreciative Inquiry, U Process, and Wisdom Council.

He is also a co-founder of the School of Commoning, a community Interest Company focused on education and research for a commons culture and social renewal.

In his mentoring work George is guided by an insight of Thomas Hübl: “Only what you are, what you have realized and embodied, can you support in others.”


As a public intellectual

George is an independent scholar, whose academic posts included London School of Economics, INSEAD, University of Amsterdam, UC Berkeley, California Institute of Integral Studies, Université de Paris, and University of Lund (Sweden).

He’s a sought-after speaker at professional conferences. George has been publishing the Blog of Collective Intelligence since 2003, has written over 100 papers and articles on related subjects in 6 languages, and contributed chapters to several books, including: Evolutionary Leadership: integral leadership for an increasingly complex world; Collective Intelligence: creating a prosperous world at peace; Knowledge Economics: Principles, Practices and Policies; Community Building: Renewing Spirit and Learning in Business; and Briefing book for President-Elect Bill Clinton’s Transition Team (1992).

A select list of George’s articles and papers can be found here.


As a person…

George’s gifts as a person include a profound caring for humanity and those, whose life is touched by him. He strives for an embodied integration of a moment-to-moment awareness, and evolutionary worldview, and the keen appreciation of technological breakthroughs that enhance the quality of our lives, individual and collective. Read the testimonials of his work here.

His passions include: exercise, self-tracking (a la “quantified self”), studying mystical principles of life, reading uplifting sci-fi books, and surfing the web in search of intelligent life on earth.

George is a Hungarian American, who has lived in 6 countries on three continents and speaks 5 languages. Currently, he lives in Brighton (UK) with his wife.

He can be reached at george(at)Community-Intelligence(dot)com.


Testimonials for George Pór

“George Pór is an extraordinary human being of depth and wisdom with a keen interest in the expansion and healing of human consciousness. He is a pioneer in the area of “collective intelligence” and in using technology to form social connections in order to create a better future for humanity and sentience. George is an innovative leader, mentor and collaborator in many other areas as well, including group process and facilitation, coaching, systems, and business. His decades of practical experience engaging and evolving various transformative theories in various settings, while developing individual and collective interior awareness through meditation and state practices, along with his genuine interest and skill in the workings of human nature and society, and his desire to serve collective consciousness on the planet, are seasoned with maturity that evoke respect and attention. George is a dear soul and a gifted human being. I am grateful to know him and to be both the recipient of his gifts and deeply inspired by his generosity in service to life.”

— Venita Ramirez, Owner, Pacific Integral – Transformative Leadership and Conscious Evolution

“George has been among the most influential consultants to the European Union, which the future will show. In a very short time he helped to introduce the practices of Art of Hosting (known there now as art of participatory leadership) and Communities of Practice. Both applied well will help us see a European Union as citizens and future generations need it today. If you need to get a step ahead of your time, George is your man.”

— Rainer v. Leoprechting, Official, European Commission

“George Pór is one of the quintessential life-long learners and deep thinkers that I have ever met and worked with. I will always remember him saying: “In conscious dialogue around questions that matter, a collection of individual intelligences is at risk (grin) at becoming a collective intelligence””

— David M. Isaacs, Co-Founder of The World Cafe

“I have appreciated George as a consultant for community development in the Commission. He helped us recognize not only our needs and opportunities but to help empower core group members and team leaders to create a collective way of working in a political environment respecting the given priorities.”

— Ursula Hillbrand, Strategic Planning and Programming officer and participative facilitator and host at European Commission

“No one can better claim the collaborative territory than George. He is the original – a master at the ‘game’ and relentless in his ability to inspire others to ‘play’. With genius and humility, this global citizen has lived the values of strengthening the talent of one another. I have considered myself his student for 2 decades…and can hardly wait to see what’s coming next.”

— Debra Amidon, Founder and CEO at ENTOVATION International Ltd.

“George is a visionary in understanding the social dynamics of groups, business teams, and online collaboration. Not only is he astute in the subtleties of personal relationships, but he knows the importance busines value creation and he sees the big picture of why we’re doing all this.”

— Paul King, Product Analytics Manager, Facebook

“George is one of the few people I have met who is able to combine passion and insight with total energy and understanding for the cause. Without meeting George my understanding of collaboration, community and knowledge flow would not have developed.”

— John Caswell, Founder & CEO, Group Partners – Reimagine Business Strategy

“George is a masterful systems thinker and also brings profound wisdom about human connection to his work. His deep knowledge of virtual collaboration was very beneficial to myself and my clients.”

— Vivian Wright, Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard

George Por: The passion and loneliness of the long distance thinker

Interview made with George on the side of a conference in Dubrovnik, 2010, where he gave a presentation on social learning