Anna Betz

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.56.07“My life has been a fascinating journey thanks to re-evaluating my priorities, beliefs, and ideas a number of times during significant life transitions. As I move towards more wholeness, I keep rediscovering my life’s evolutionary purpose. I passionate about working in balance with nature, of which we are an integral partI. I now appreciate all the different creative ways in which the human soul expresses its yearning for meaning and unity. I want to support that, by helping to create soulful workplaces, where the individual and collective genius of people are honoured, and organisations achieve outstanding results, by having the formal and informal structures mutually support each other.”


Anna is a trained coach and facilitator, supporting individuals, teams, and organisations in discovering and reaching their fuller potential. She delivers individual coaching, workshops, seminars, and various, pioneering educational projects.

She is facilitating participatory processes, teaching mindfulness, Transparent Communication, and training facilitators of Communities of Practice, and facilitating Map of Meaning work that helps to align personal and organisational purpose.

Anna is also a Partner, Section Editor, and columnist of the online magazine Enlivening Edge – News from Next-Stage Organisations, Founder of the HealthCommonsHub, Co-founder of the Endobiogenic Medicine Society, and Co-Director of the School of Commoning, a social enterprise dedicated to research and education for a commons culture and social renewal. Her blogs and articles about organisational change, a relational approach to systems transformation, health and the commons appeared in Huffington Post, Enlivening Edge, Positive Health, and other publications.

She is an experienced mental health professional with managerial responsibilities in the NHS, and has successfully initiated and facilitated a number of collaborative and co-creative projects with doctors and other health professionals in primary and secondary care.


  • William Torbert’s Vertical Development workshop
  • Integral Leadership training with Diana Hamilton
  • Certified by the Mindfulness Teacher training at Bangor University
  • Constellation training with Jenny Mackwen
  • Foundation course in Systemic Family Therapy and Narrative Approaches
  • “Transparent Communication” Practice Group Leader with Inner Science Academy
  • Diploma in Herbal Medicine, UK
  • Diploma in Social Work, Germany
  • PGSE in Social Work, UK
  • Best Interest Assessor UK