International Executive Workshop on Value Creation with Communities of Practice (2002)

(past event)

What’s unique about this offer

  • The workshop will be designed as a deep learning conversation among invited executives, supported by re-known subject matter experts and collaborative technologies.
  • This workshop will be not the typical “lecture+Q&A” conferences held about “communities of practice;” it will provide a direct experience of the power of knowledge sharing in a community of peers.
  • Content richness and workshop design will reflect the combined knowledge and experience of a world-class faculty.

Topics will include

  • Measuring value creation with communities of practice
  • The place of communities in a robust knowledge strategy
  • Giving strong mandate to communities while respecting their self-organized nature
  • Communities as generators of strategic capabilities for the organizations
  • Growing an interlocking network of communities
  • Visualizing value from communities
  • What makes communities self-sustaining and self-evolving

Value proposition of the Executive Workshop

Participants will have a chance to:

  • Learn about the state-of-the-art and emerging trends in designing and leveraging communities of practice
  • Network with colleagues from other organizations, responsible for their “communities of practice” strategy
  • Experience the power of a technology-supported, ad-hoc community of peers
  • Contribute to shaping the research agenda on communities practice

Subject Matter Experts

George Pór, the designer and moderator of this workshop
Founder of CommunityIntelligence
Lead of special projects, Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies, INSEAD

Albert Angehrn
Professor of the Net Economy and E-Management at INSEAD
Director of Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies, INSEAD

Etienne Wenger, a leading thinker of the field
Co-author of Cultivating Communities of Practice: a Guide to Managing Knowledge

Hubert Saint-Onge, Canadian business executive
Co-author of Leveraging Communities of Practice for Strategic Advantage


The workshop is held December 18th – 19th, 2002, at INSEAD in Fontainebleau

Admission fee is 2,500 Euros and it covers the participation of up to 3 persons per company, the workshop proceedings, and access to its members-only website.

If you think that you meet the criteria listed under “Who can participate”, and want to be invited, please contact Jacob Jaskov

With questions concerning workshop content and design, please contact George Pór

Who can participate?

Invitations to participate in the Executive Workshop will be sent to organizations which meet the following three criteria:

  • Have or plan to develop an explicit strategy to leverage value from communities of practice or other forms of knowledge networks
  • Have a senior executive responsible for such strategy
  • Intend to accelerate their learning curve of value creation with communities

Request invitation early to assure your place in the workshop.