What We Are Known For

We enhance our clients’ capacity to anticipate, respond to, and thrive on rapid changes in technology, society and business. In turbulent times, there is no better insurance policy than cultivating that capacity and tapping into unrecognized sources of innovation, such as the collective mind of internal and external stakeholders.

We achieve this through the synergy of following three qualities:

Stability through Transformation

Traditionally, transformation has been seen as a one-off change to restore stability. We recognise that in the current turbulent times and technological advancement, the only stability one can achieve is a state of permanent transformation that engages the wisdom, knowledge and passion of the client and their stakeholders.

Our services foster new levels of collaboration, cultural innovation and knowledge sharing. We do that by staging and guiding transformational interventions, developed in co-creation with us. We make sure that the transformational results are owned by the client, not by us.

Resilience through Innovation

Innovation is taking centre stage in business and social life in response to the increasing gap between old ways and new conditions. Technology-spurred innovation is affecting human and organisational life at an unprecedented scale, and business and social innovations are fueled by it. All this strongly affects the ways we work and learn.

To respond to all the different domains of innovation, we developed a holistic framework and methodology that we call the CIL Innovation Architecture. Using it is a differentiating edge – ours as well our clients.

Learning through Partnership

Transformation only truly sticks when learning partnerships keep it in vibrant health. We design learning communities to help our clients sustain their momentum of transformation in becoming faster-learning, more co-intelligent organisations.

Besides elciting and facilitating this transformation, we also help our clients to form learning partnerships amongst themselves. Those alliances are frequently composed ofpeople networks of professionals producing a knowledge network of insights and inspiration, supported by a technology network of knowledge and collaboration tools.