The Core Idea that Drives Us, the Future that Pulls Us

We acknowledge and cherish the inherent indivisibility of humanity as a whole. Thinking and acting from that vantage point, we support the emergence of wise solutions to wicked organisational and global challenges.

We envision a world, where domination is replaced by partnering and commoning as the mainstream way of organising work and learning. There, organisations are responsive to the whole, including their members, stakeholders, the biosphere, the noosphere, and future generations.

It is a world in which the full development of everyone is the goal of the whole society. People work in democratic workplaces free of fear and exploitation in all public, private, and communal enterprises. Work as creative self-expression is not the privilege of the few anymore. All social institutions function to increase aliveness, joy, and prosperity for all.

Our mission is to contribute to such a world, by amplifying collective intelligence and wisdom in organisations and social systems. We do that by a bespoke combination of social, cognitive, electronic, and inner technologies for resilience, innovation, and regeneration, tailored to our needs and highest aspirations of our client systems.