Evocative Leadership Mastery – a retreat with WindEagle in Kent, 28-30 June

What is Life evoking in you? As humanity, we are called to a larger conversation and participation in Life. As we witness and experience global shifts of unprecedented magnitude in social, environmental, and economic realms, people worldwide are finding ways to adapt, and seek new pathways ahead. As humanity, we are called to usher in real life-giving change that helps to create and shape the face of the future for ourselves and generations to come. The time is now for us to step up to a new level, together.

Evocative Leadership Mastery is a unique response to this call. Designed to harness the power of higher consciousness to meet challenge at any scale.

Evocative Leadership Mastery is an integrated holistic leadership framework that develops our innate human intelligences into crucial competencies for navigating the times we live in. This training is a time-tested system of wisdom created over many millennia through deep relationship with Nature.

Activating the skills of Evocative Leadership Mastery calls forth all members of a team or group to contribute their most brilliant and needed collective capabilities to:

  • Ask insightful questions provoking unprecedented thinking; generate creative approaches.
  • Bring deep awareness to the present moment; use appreciative process to access perceptive learning; cultivate personal discipline through a daily reflective  practice. Harness the power to respond to difference and challenge with emotional stability; effectively resolve conflict; empower trusting relationships and environments.
  • Focus on bringing individual and organizational action into alignment with a larger sense of purpose and contribution for the greater good; persist in finding “a way through”.
  • Support and maintain self-organizing, high performing teams; nurture important initiatives into their full expression; maintain a holistic perspective amid complex interdependencies.
  • Foster collaboration and learning among diverse groups and traditions; anticipate, welcome and adapt to change  with agility; coordinate people masterfully to make a vision real.
  • Discern right action and make courageous decisions; amplify the contribution and value of each person; formulate plans and strategies that work.
  • Effectively ensure all perspectives are heard; inspire people’s enthusiasm to act with integrity and take a stand for what is life-affirming.

Are you inspired to make a positive and lasting difference?

Evocative Leadership Mastery is a program for dedicated professionals from diverse fields across the globe who choose to expand their consciousness and want to step up to co-create our evolving world culture.


will take place at The Friars, Aylesford, Kent, UK, June 28-30 2013

with WindEagle, a Master Teacher and a Lineage Keeper of Ancient Earth Wisdom

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WindEagle will offer an experiential opportunity to come into relationship with Eight Intelligences, corresponding with the energies of the Universe, which inform the Evocative Leadership Mastery Journey. When these capabilities are activated and awakened in the individual, the quality of the “Evocative Leader” emerges – one who leads by inspiration and example. Such leaders are the kind who are needed in this changing time to draw forth the best from those they interact with as well as evoking the kind of higher consciousness needed to address the volatile, complex and ambiguous issues we all face at this time on our planet.

WindEagle, Co-founder and Director of Ehama Institute, is a Lineage Keeper of an ancient body of Self Knowledge and Earth Wisdom Teachings called the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge. This ancient body of Earth Wisdom offers a framework for meeting today’s global challenges and continues to provide the foundation for Ehama Institute’s mission to Mend the Sacred Hoop.

Training Dates, Location and Costs

Cost: $780 USD (£ 495)

All inclusive: lodging 2 nights; all meals beginning with dinner Friday night (vegetarian available); program materials and taxes.

Register now for $180 USD (non-refundable) at institute@ehama.org

Payment in Full is required by May 17. Please make payment online at https://www.ehama.org/payment.php .

Arrival: Friday 28 June 2013 by 5:15 p.m. for check in.  Dinner at 6:00 p.m.

Departure: Sunday 30 June 2013 2:00 p.m. after lunch.

Venue: www.thefriars.org.uk

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