Beyond social media, focus on social strategy!

We are living in the time of a bold surge in expressive capability, individual and collective. Never before we had that many people, communities, and networks, engaged in many-to-many communications. Social creativity became the driving force of productivity and evolution. A new historical era has dawned on us, with implications still far from being grasped. (The phrase “bold surge in expressive capability” was inspired by @ClayShirky via @KenCamp). “Social media” doesn’t fully capture the phenomena because what is happening is much more and deeper than a media revolution.

In these years, the emerging winners will be organisations that learn faster configuring themselves so that they can be available to the benefits of engaging the full creative potential of their members and social networks.  Yes there will be losers, too: those who remain stuck in structures we inherited from the ancient regime, which prevents the free flow of information, inspiration, and imagination. We offer to be accountable for helping you to be among the winners. Contact us to discuss details.

Ken Camp wrote, “Social media gives the opportunity for depth of conversation, raising the quality of the engagement. Quality engagements will be something we can measure over time. They will lead to partnerships, collaborations and sales.” Given that, the wisest social strategy is the one capable to amplify the creative power of connected conversations, using the collective intelligence of all touched by it.

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