Meeting of Minds: a “Pro Action Europe” event co-hosted by George Pór, Oct 1-2

If you have a wide-ranging curiosity about and willingness to embrace change, and are convinced that today’s complex, interconnected, globalized challenges require to discover new approaches, then join Pro Action Europe members, partners and facilitators (Otto Laske, Jan de Vish, Luc Hoebeke, George Pór, Rainer von Leoprechting) in an action-oriented, collaborative inquiry into thriving in turbulent times.

How will we succeed in re-inventing our businesses ? Leadership today oversees a complex interface of growing external pressures on the firm due to the financial crisis and changing competition, as well as changing expectations on adaptation and performance in light of social and environmental issues. It demands that CEOs play a facilitating role between the corporate response to these external expectations and the internal transformation of the organisation.

The latter involves evolutionary or transformational adaptation in organisational purpose & strategy, culture & structure, processes & systems, and capabilities & competencies. Meeting of minds is a unique exercise involving CEO’s, academic researchers and politicians exploring cutting-edge practices and ideas on transformational management and leadership. The participants will be involved in a process of self-evaluation focusing on the developing the ability of corporate leadership to design and lead “whole system” change management strategies, reshaping (where necessary) their business models and create value for society.

The outcome? The two-day conference is organised around a range of innovative approaches, deep practical insights and thought leadership. Several senior change agents will deliver cutting edge perspectives and commentary, drawing upon requisite organization, cybernetics, spiral dynamics, dialectical thinking and collective intelligence research. Through the discussion it will become clear how such theories shed light on the current political and economical climate while avoiding the pitfalls of trying to view the world through the lens of a single organizing principle. Cutting edge thoughts will be connected in thrilling and inspiring dialogues that will make many waves among participants at all levels. Knowledge sharing through interactive debate and analysis will as ever lie at the heart of each.  By extension, other objectives automatically emerge, such as the attempt to identify: (a) the major gaps in existing business practices and knowledge on limiting organizational capital and business strategy execution risks, and (b) the most business-relevant future research questions for embedding Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in the DNA of an organization.

Method : Rearranging our mental furniture. How can we learn to ride the “ongoing changes” ? It will certainly NOT be through trying to prepare for every possible contingency. Through a mix of brief introductions, sharing stories and guided debates everyone will be invited to explore the limits of his/her assumptions. Through the dialogues we will develop a way of looking at problems that focus more on context than on reductive answers, embracing ideas of indirection instead of Western patterns of confrontation, of seeing ‘threats as systems, not objects”, of seeing crisis as “situations of abundance” instead of “limiting opportunities”.

Reservation : For registration and hotel reservation please contact Juliette Engel .

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