Standing still in a creative tension

It’s Spring time in the Northern hemisphere; trees, the young, and the young at heart are coming alive with new vibrancy.  The seeds that have been germinating in the long winter, are now sprouting. They are stretching into becoming what they are destined by their DNA. Some of them will die before reaching it; others will grow into glorious youth and adulthood.

For the seeds of inspiration and innovation, germinating in the soil of web-connected conversations, what makes the difference is the attention that they receive from the growing number of people and organisations who use blogs, forums, wikis, tweets, and vids. in the last few years.  The broadening and deepening use of such collective intelligence tools and methods, and their viral take up, are ushering in a new era of social creativity. They are opening the possibility for dramatically enhanced collective faculties of sensing, making wiser decisions, and coordinating action.

That comes just in time because those faculties are tested by our increasingly interwoven, complex, current challenges. One of them is the creative tension between the cognitive load of shortening cycle of sensing, meaning-making, deciding, and acting together, on one hand, and the depth of collective intelligence and wisdom to draw on, on the other hand.

I stand still in that creative tension, then walk on the chaordic bridge between the evolutionary requirements for faster cycles of collective sensing and presencing, and the time it takes to access the depth of collective wisdom, required by those cycles.

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